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LandShark Softwash LLC is your go-to company for affordable exterior cleaning services. We offer a wide range of options designed to help enhance the appearance of your property. Our services include state-of-the-art low pressure, house washing, roof cleaning, and so much more. At Landshark Softwash LLC, we offer more than just low-pressure washing in Bradenton FL. We go above and beyond the norms of working with a property service company, striving to exceed customer expectations for every cleaning job we perform. Using powerful, safe, and effective cleaning techniques, we help you enhance the appearance of your dirty, tired-looking property. We are ‘SoftWash’ certified professionals. This means you can have complete peace of mind knowing we will never cause any harm or damage to your property. Click below to get a fast quote for services today!

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Professional concrete cleaning can instantly remove years of dirt and grime build-up. It can brighten up your property, bring spaces back to life, and completely transform dull and discolored surfaces into new and shiny ones. At LandShark Softwash LLC, our expert team can tackle any job you have, and we even supply our own water if necessary. We promise to leave you more than satisfied with a job well done!

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We strive to impress our customers as they watch their dirty siding transform. Our house washing approach gently dislodges debris like algae and stains from any type of property siding material. Removing harmful organic growths helps prevent damage to your siding while protecting you and your family’s health. Our skilled technicians are masters at house washing, leaving you with a house to be proud of.

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Replacing your property’s roof is a costly and lengthy process. Instead, let Landshark Softwash LLC help you extend the lifespan of your existing roof through professional soft washing. Using very light water pressure and biodegradable detergents, we effectively remove unsightly black stains and grime from your roof. This small investment for your property will pay off in the end by protecting your roof from premature replacement!

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Cleaning rain gutters can get messy, and it can be very dangerous as well. Skip the hassle and leave your gutter cleaning needs up to the experts at Landshark. Our technicians save you time and stress by handling every aspect of the job for you. We thoroughly hand-scoop your gutters and then flush the downspouts, ensuring they’re in perfect working order for future rain to flow away from your property.

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Get a Free Consultation With Drone Video!

This consultation entails a drone video inspection of your property and shows you all the areas that need cleaning. We’ll inspect your roof and gutters for possible damage as well. A $100 value to you, all for free! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A professional pressure washing job is far more thorough than a DIY attempt. In addition, pressure washers used by property owners are not as powerful or effective as the industrial-grade equipment our team uses for concrete surfaces. However, any pressure washer is strong enough to damage your property or your roof, and for this reason you need to be sure to hire a “SoftWash” professional. When you choose Landshark Softwash LLC for your pressure washing or soft washing project, you’re guaranteed a complete job that leaves your surfaces in pristine condition without any risk of damage to your property?

If you hire just any pressure washing company in West Florida, you are certainly at risk of damaging your property. Our knowledgeable ‘SoftWashing’ staff knows exactly the correct amount of pressure to apply to every surface. Whether your surface is sturdy or more fragile, we know every proper cleaning method to ensure there are no damages. Our soft-washing approach is necessary for your property’s siding and roof, as it combines low-pressure water with safe and effective detergents. We only use pressure washing for concrete surfaces like your driveway or your patio. We never apply pressure washing to your property’s siding or roof, for these surfaces only professional ‘SoftWashing’ is the appropriate and safe cleaning method.

Bradenton FL is property to many beautiful neighborhoods. However, all properties are bound to get dirty over time from accumulating stains, algae, and grime. Ask us about scheduling annual or bi-annual cleaning visits! Our soft washing services help keep your property looking brand-new all year round.

Our individualized quotes are based on the size of your property and the type of cleaning service you’re interested in. For an estimated price based on your personal needs, request a no-obligation quote for free through our website or give our customer service team a call. We will provide a free quote for any service you’re interested in!

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